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About Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC

Tweit Wickmann is the owner of Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC and has earned his credentials as a Master Professional Inspector from the Florida Association of Building Inspectors. Tweit Wickmann is from the Mid-West and moved to Florida to start Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC in 2005. Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC have inspected thousands of homes in this area we look forward to serving you with the depth of knowledge and experience we bring to every job we perform. Our business is 95% referral based. That means we live off the quality of work we perform.

Buyers expect their home inspectors to be a wealth of construction knowledge, but it is also imperative we invest everything we have into every inspection and take the time to communicate with each client in a way that makes this information relevant to them. Some clients are working professionals in the construction industries while others have very little understanding and can feel lost in sifting through all the information we will provide. We will take the time to get to know our clients and deliver this information in a way that empowers them to make the best decision based on their circumstances. We have built our business by caring for our clients in the very same way we would want to be served ourselves. Our success is only a bi-product of doing all we can to make every home buyer we serve successful as well. The foundation of our business is found in the quality of the work we perform and the professionalism in which we perform it.

Our primary area of service is the Southwest Florida Region. We are a team of inspectors and administrative coordinators who strive to exceed your expectations with every opportunity we are given. Our Dream Team is united around the single objective of keeping your Dreams a reality and doing all we can to protect you from those hidden pitfalls that might cost you more than you had ever projected. If you are looking for a company that is here to represent your interest, then call Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC. We are standing in you corner.

The Dream Team

My name is Matt Mahurt and I am from St. Croix Virgin Islands.

I found my passion and my career in the home inspection industry! I am so happy to be a part of Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC. Inspecting your home with the highest level of care and customer service is what you can expect. Buying a home is a major investment and it is my priority to represent you well as your home inspector. Thank you in advance for trusting us and I look forward to meeting and serving you.

Home Inspections Team



My name is Curtis Sayers and I am a local of South West Florida.

I get up every day and look I forward to the opportunity to serve our clients. I take great pride in my work and I put everything I have into every inspection that I perform. When you call our company, I promise you that you will get everything that we have to give. We a want to be a part of your team and we want to be your personal representation as you purchase your home. Thank you for considering our services and we look forward to being your advocate.

Home Inspections Team



My name is Hernan Prieto and I am originally from Bogota Columbia.

I found my place as a home inspector after spending many years as a customer service representative for Lennar Homes. Great customer service and building construction have always been the platform of my professional skills. What I loved most about working for Lennar was being an advocate for each new home buyer. As a home inspector, I now can do this for my clients directly without the umbrella of representing a builder as well. It is my greatest privilege to be your representative during this process. I look forward to caring for you with excellence.

Home Inspections Team



My name is Rachael Lusco and I am from Campbellsville Kentucky.

I am the office manager at Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC. The common ambition of our staff is be the best in our industry and to serve with excellence. It's my job to make sure that we deliver and I invest all of my efforts every day to make sure that we do. I am your personal administrator for this portion of your home buying experience. I am here to serve you, to coordinate all inspection events and to answer every question that you might have along the way. When you find your house, know that we will have your back. Call me at any time as I am standing by to serve you right now.

Home Inspections Team



My name is Tweit Wickmann and I am from Minneapolis Minnesota.

I moved to Southwest Florida and Started Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC in 2005. I started this company with a simple philosophy. Make every home buyer we serve more successful and our success will simply be a bi-product of those we serve. This approach has served me well and I have created a team of people who are not only extremely gifted and intelligent in this industry, but they have adopted this approach and it is visible and tangible with every opportunity that we have to serve. I hope we get the opportunity to be a part of your team. Your success is our top priority!

Home Inspections Team
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