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Doors and Windows Inspections
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Doors and Windows Inspections in and near Florida

Doors and Windows Inspections

Doors and windows are not only expensive to replace, but can also cause damage to the interior of the home as well.

During this home inspection, we will also evaluate the function and operation of every readily and accessible door and window.  It is not uncommon for doors to need adjustments.  The most common operational defect observed in windows during our home inspection is a failing counterbalance mechanism.  We will identify and explain any defects that may possibly be prohibiting the proper operation of any door or window.

We will also inspect the seals around all the doors and windows.  It is not uncommon for moisture to infiltrate under the window openings due to a poor installation or a bad seal.  We will inspect and identify any visual concerns that could allow moisture to penetrate these openings.  Caulking and sealing around all exterior envelope openings is a normal part of maintaining doors and windows.  It is not uncommon to find weather stripping that is missing or compromised around the exterior doors.

Moisture penetration under windows and behind walls is not always evident or visible.    We cannot guarantee to identify what we cannot see.  Furniture and other belongings can sometimes obstruct this inspection and our efforts to identify the threat of potential moisture issues. 

The window and door ratings are identified as well as the rating of the shutters that are installed over those openings when a wind mitigation inspection is ordered along with the standard home inspection report.

Doors and Windows Inspections FL

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Doors and Windows Inspections
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