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Home Inspection in Florida

Home Inspections

Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC
Home Inspection in and near Bonita Springs Florida

Home Inspections in Bonita Springs

We want to be your home inspection company!

Why us?
Tweit Wickmann is a “Master Professional Inspector” and started Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC in 2005.  It’s not just the knowledge and experience that matters, but it's the integrity of always putting our clients first and never compromising our efforts or ethics when it comes to serving you.

Who can you trust to stand in your corner when making one of the biggest purchases of your life? We want to walk this road with you. We want to earn the opportunity to serve you, but we also desire to earn your future referrals as well. Our greatest marketing tool is doing what we do well and exceeding the expectations of those we have the privilege of serving. Our success as a home inspection company has been a bi-product of helping our clients succeed in their home buying experience. Our goal is to make you glad you called Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC. Words only go so far, but if you try us you will know… “Why Us?”

Our commitment to you:
Dream Protection Home Inspection LLC is committed to providing the highest level of professional services by performing comprehensive home inspections for our clients. We desire to empower our home buyers with as much information as possible in hopes of giving you a detailed perspective on the condition of your potential purchase.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
We will personally guarantee that our company was the right choice for you or we will completely refund you for the cost of your “Home Inspection”.

We are confident enough in what we do and how we serve to back up our services with this satisfaction guarantee. We treat every inspection as if we were performing it for a member of our own family. The key to our success is to care about everybody we serve more than ourselves. As mentioned earlier, the success of our company is a bi-product of satisfied home buyers. The DNA of our company is visible in the efforts we make to out serve and care for our clients. We desire to set the highest standards for our industry and we look forward to leading the way when given the opportunity to serve you.

What is our role as a home inspector?
Performing a home inspection is much like reading a book. We are not the author, but we are the ones who read or translate the story as it was written. Comprehensive Home Inspections can be very complex, but we are committed to communicate to our clients in a way that makes this whole process easier for them to absorb and understand. We will not leave the job until every question you have is answered. I have put together a list of some of the items that are included in our Home Inspection Services under the Home Inspection Overview Section.

Home Inspections
Home Inspection
Home Inspection
Home Inspection
Home Inspections
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Home Inspections


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