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Mold Home Inspections Bonita Springs FL

Air Sampling for Mold

Bonita Springs Mold Home Inspections
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Mold Home Inspections in and near Bonita Springs Florida

Air Sampling for Mold in Bonita Springs

When is it worth getting an air sample to evaluate the possible elevated mold spores in my home?

This is the most common questions I receive when discussing this service with clients.  The answer really rest upon what level of comfort you desire and need when purchasing a home.  The answer is obvious if the peace of mind is worth the value you gain from the results of these test.  We often have clients who are very sensitive to mold and experience discomfort and respiratory issues when living in a home with specific types of elevated mold spores in the dwelling.  We also have clients who have had issues in previous homes they have lived in and want to minimize the risk of having to go through the headaches of remediating a mold issue like they had experienced in the past.  A home that has been un-occupied or has a musty odor would be a good candidate for this type of test.  One may also want to highly consider this evaluation when moisture has been detected or observed in the home.  This service may not be for you if you are not concerned about mold and you do not wish to add an extra expense for this added service.  We simply want to offer our clients every opportunity we can to limit the risk that is involved when purchasing a home. 

What is the cost for a typical air sampling test?

The price is subject to the number of air samples taken.  Two air samples would be the minimum requirement for evaluating the mold spore count in the home.  The cost for the two samples is $300.00.  Each additional sample is $150.00.  The first sample would be taken indoors while the second sample would be taken outdoors.  The outdoor sample is taken as a gauge or baseline reading to indicate how elevated the possible indoor sample might be.  A second outdoor air test can be added on the opposite side of the home to verify an accurate outdoor baseline reading. Additional indoor test can be done when a home is larger and may have additional HVAC systems or if there is a specific area with visual concern.

What causes some homes to have mold issues?

There are several factors that can contribute to mold growth in a home.  A couple common factors can be trapped moisture behind a wall or ceiling.  This often takes place when leaks may exist from areas such as a shower pan or possibly a slow plumbing leak behind a wall.  This also can happen when moisture seeps through the exterior cracks in walls and is trapped behind the drywall.  It is important to pay close attention to cracks in the stucco or around windows as they can often allow moisture into the home if they are not properly addressed.  Poor ventilation can create an environment in which mold can grow more quickly.  HVAC systems that are not operating properly can also allow for elevated levels of humidity in a home which again can facilitate for a prime environment for potential mold growth.  It is crucial that we are diligent in caring for our homes as we live in a tropical climate that allows mold to grow rapidly when not properly addressed.

There are a couple different tests that are available that can give you information to help reduce the risk of elevated measures of mold in your home.  The first option is a physical swab that can be retrieved when the mold is visually present. This can then be sent to the labs to identify the type of mold that was observed.  The second option is to collect the air sampling in the home.  This air test is typically retrieved from a centrally located area in the home.  This test will indicate levels of air born mold spore counts that were collected at the time of the sampling.  We send the samples to a lab that then does the readings and evaluations on these samples.  We will then deliver the report and findings to you at that time.

Mold Home Inspections Bonita Springs FL

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Bonita Springs Mold Home Inspections
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