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Citizens Roof Home Inspections Cape Coral FL

Citizens Roof Home Inspections

Cape Coral Citizens Roof Home Inspections
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Citizens Roof Home Inspections in and near Cape Coral Florida

Citizens Roof Home Inspections in Cape Coral

What are the signs that my roof could be nearing the later stages of its life expectancy?

  1. Heavy granule loss from asphalt shingles is always an indication that the shingles are in their later stages of the roofs life expectancy.  Sometimes you will observe that the gutters are full and the shingles granules from years of wear. 
  2. Shingles that are becoming thin and brittle are also suspect for replacement in near the future.  These shingles often feel crunchy when you are walking on the roof.
  3. We can never pass a roof when it is showing felt paper or fiberglass.  This is an indication of roofing materials in the very last stages of it life expectancy.  There is very little weight left to these shingles and they will likely be lost during the next wind storm.
  4. Missing shingles are obviously not acceptable and proper replacement would be needed to maximize the balance of the roofs remaining life expectancy.
  5. Excessive popping nail heads can become an issue and typically should be further evaluated by a licensed roofing contractor.
  6. Tile roofs become brittle with age and often slip out of position.  We often see many broken tiles at this stage in the life of a tile roof.   The underlayment often breaks down with age and gets torn with the movement of the tiles that rest above it.  At this point it is very difficult to repair the tiles as these issues typically seem to re-surface at different locations on the roof.    
  7. Flat asphalt roofs typically fail first in low spots where water will pond and wear out the surface of the roof.  We will often observe compromised seams on these roofs as well as observe heavy granule loss.  It is at this point in which a home owner needs to consider updating the flat roof. 

Occasionally some insurance companies will require verification of the conditions of the roof and may not always require the complete 4-point home inspection in order to bind a policy.  Most insurance companies will require 3-5 years of remaining life expectancy on the roof.  We will need to access to both the roof as well as the attic to observe and document on the roofs condition.  We will research the permits pulled to identify the age of this roof.  The type of roof covering as well as the projected life expectancy will be reported and submitted to both you and the insurance company.

Citizens Roof Home Inspections Cape Coral FL

Home Inspections Cape Coral

Cape Coral Citizens Roof Home Inspections
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