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Crawlspace Inspections Fort Myers FL

Crawlspace Inspections

Fort Myers Crawlspace Inspections
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Crawlspace Inspections in and near Fort Myers Florida

Crawlspace Inspections in Fort Myers

What is under your home can greatly affect everything that is in your home.

The crawl space allows us to observe the structural support of the home.  We will determine the type of foundation and identify any visible concerns we see that might compromise the integrity of the structure.  Each crawlspace will be inspected based on its accessibility.

Many times, insulation is installed under the flooring of the home as observed from the crawlspace.  We will inspect the presence and condition of the insulation and identify where deficiencies may exist.

Much of the ductwork is typically observed from the crawlspace.  We will again identify any deficiencies or possible conditions that could compromise the operations of the air supply to the home.

The plumbing is usually visible in the crawl space area.  The drain lines will be evaluated to verify that they are properly pitched to allow adequate discharging of wastewater.  We will identify the type of water supply lines and will report on the condition as they appeared during the home inspection.  We will indicate whether the water supply lines are properly secured as needed in the crawl space.

The electrical branch wiring is commonly observed in the crawl space area.  It is not uncommon for us to observe compromised wires or improper electrical junctions in the crawl space area.  During this portion of the home inspection we will identify electrical work that was not performed to a professional standard. We want to identify any areas of electrical work that appear compromised or subject to possible safety concerns.

Crawlspace Inspections Fort Myers FL

Home Inspections Fort Myers

Fort Myers Crawlspace Inspections
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